Black Templars – another reinforcement (around September 2017)

Task –  9 assault and 5 shooting; chapter – black templars. armour with highlights, and silver elements with highlights done:

Couple pictures of progress, all parts are in place, models are ready paint in difficult access places:

First 3 terminators with power claws done:

Another 6 terminators done:

Assault troops 8 and HQ Chaplain with Jump Pack, base coated, highlighted:

And some GW device what i love from first day i use:

Templar helmets – super-idea suggested by Stefan (Saruman? ):

And some painting progress, they can be little chaotic but this what i do to don’t get bored and make interesting, just swap phases of paint or paint different squads depend on mood 🙂

You can see some of customisation such as shield or crosses some been made by myself, some from Forge World Brass provided by Stefan:

And finally done detachment:

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