Big Bike project (Start October 2017)

This is a biggest project of our forces, we decide to create mini Ultramarines forces of fast attackers utilise universal purposes for many scenarios in battle.

So on plan is to build:

-1st bike squad include: 1 sergeant (power sword), 3 bikers (two with melta guns), 1 attack bike with multi melta,

-2nd bike squad include: 1 sergeant (chain sword), 3 bikers (two with plasma guns), 1 attack bike with heavy bolter,

-apothecary on bike

-chaplain on bike


First we collected necessary amount of models: 3 squads of bikers and attack bike set was purchased in GW Ayr, special thanks for Stefan to donate one of squad

and also gifted for victor one attack and one standard bike (both undercoated in black).

We also purchased on internet auction resign bases, reason to not use standard once was no bases for attack bikes, all shapes and sizes from GW doesn’t fit the purpose.

Next it was to made styrene(polystyrene) pipes, to make proper exhaust look(with holes), in standard model you cannot drill holes, because cast is made such that way, you will see through the hole internal empty cast space. Worth to mention is i did purchased styrene and instead of pipes i purchased rods so i did had to drilled them 🙂

First scarry work for victor, undercoat about 30 wheels, because is dangerous for Victor all miscast stuff and scrape work i do myself:

before anything happen all need to be base coated, and done some steps before can glue two half of body together:

Some work forward painting bases (all bases been painted 100% by Victor), funny story, in last picture you see hole no painted in skull, when i asked Victor why he left it, he says: is brain and need to be painted in different colour 🙂


This is prototyping work of Chaplin, try with position with turn front wheel and feet on ground, crozus is also re-positioned. As i mentioned before this project utilise fantastic GW metal model of chaplain, a wee suggestion if our battle ally Stefan, that chaplain cannot in battle have his helmet off, the reason is in his helmet he spreads fear around enemies. Well it really is only one GW model when chaplain wearing his helmet off.

first painting steps on model (bike is donated by Stefan), and yes i did a lot of effort to make front wheel turn on left site.

positioning bike on base, one feet of Chaplin is on the ground.

And finally Chaplain on bike is painted:


Attack Bike – this model provided by Stefan has been to many times base coated so it loose his details, there is only one solution for this issue – DETOL.

Detol is used by me to stripe paint off, so after two days bathing in detol, and help with brush to brush out paint, result you can see on pictures, the model

also been disassembled and split to original parts, because when i paint complicated model like this i paint small bits and after put together to make sure it is paint everywhere without missing places what could affect final look.

After this step is a lot of sanding with love and start to paint, fortunately for me Victor painted all wheels.

After when bike is ready i do attack part:

Next phase is to paint gunner bit, please look again at the exhausts how dramatically in plus it changed because have those short pipes glued on ends.

Couple last steps to put together bike with base, which is not easy task:

after its time to mount heavy weapon on bike with arms of gunner:

A few touches and bike done:

STEP 4: 

Apothecary – nothing exciting in beginning phases, standard bike till will be add some additional equipment, so if you observing bases, you will see the Chaplin and Apothecary have little bigger sizes of they basis than ordinary marines.

Apothecary miniature and some of the bike equipment is taken from ravenwing command squad.

Here it is final effect of this painting:


Sergeant, sergeant utilise the metal conversion kit part from AOP GW some steps:

and pictures of final result:


Biker with melta, bike is pretty standard, melta part with arm has been taken from unused bits of tactical squad.

So here pictures of first bike squad:

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