Grey Knights reinforces (January 2018)

So this is another project for our friend, Stefan request, The noble demon vanquishers,

Brotherhood of Grey Knights, here couple shoots of receiving models, as usual, they come from different squads and they number as usual uneven 🙂

Because i don’t know much about Grey Knights, i separate them with description on different paper sheets to don’t mix heraldry.

Looks pretty messy i know, because is multiple squads and brotherhood shoulder banners cannot to be mistaken, little trick paint colours of heraldry in bottom of base,

also after primed by ledbelcher, paint nuln oil allover:

Standard brothers dry-brushed by “necron compound” , they all have proper squad markers, also terminators are “null oiled”:

All gold finish include shaded and 3 layers of paint, purity seals done:

parchments, purity seals and all other elements in body’s done:

Next step was power weapon paint, here first prototype:

Here some of the closeups for terminators:

17 brothers ready painted:

Brother Captain and Brother Stern. I post this separately because I think they deserve it Really pleasure to paint this figures, I have suspicious they not my last Grey Knights i paint

And eventually pictures of final reinforcements:

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